Lou Marcoccia brings to the Brookhaven Receiver of Taxes Office a wide-range of technology, business and finance expertise. Sign up for important notifications issued by Lou Marcoccia

A businessman and nationally recognized expert in the technology field with experience managing major projects, Lou Marcoccia is well suited to bring the Brookhaven Town Receiver of Taxes Office to the next level.

Lou Marcoccia’s approach centers on hands-on management. He believes that results are accomplished when a elected official acts like a CEO and is not afraid to be involved in key aspects of organization including, strategic planning, public outreach, project management, re-engineering, and implementation of solutions to meet the needs and objectives of the office they are entrusted by the public to carry out.

Lou Marcoccia successfully implemented this approach when in 1994 he started a computer consulting firm with a staff of 100 consultants, putting into operation solutions for over 70 organizations throughout the United States including: FAA, International Paper, City of Chicago State of Georgia, Pacific Life Insurance, RCA, Duke Energy, Deluxe Video, Dept of Interior, Lear Corporation, DOD, State of Mississippi, State of Florida, DC Power & Light. Lou Marcoccia is recognized as a national expert in technology, testifying before the U.S. Congressional hearing and the U.S. Senate Banking Committee. The private sector also recognizes his achievements. Lou Marcoccia is a national and international known speaker, on software upgrade issues offering solutions for the following organizations: Ernst & Young, IBM, Platinum Technology, and Alydaar, among others. He also developed, designed and instructs as a guest and at his own technology workshops courses.

Lou. Marcoccia has authored and been featured in various publications dealing with technology issues such as: Computer World, The Economists, PC Week, Application Trends, Florida Star among others. Featured in international Computer and Business magazines, newspapers, and radio. Mr. Marcoccia has shared his knowledge with others as an adjunct professor and traveled to 44 states and 8 countries.

As Receiver of Taxes Lou Marcoccia will create an atmosphere that will bring the services of the Receiver of Taxes Office directly to serve the taxpayer. He believes that a governmental official’s first responsibility should be to serve the people they have sworn to represent.

Lou Marcoccia resides in East Setauket with his wife Candace and family. He is particularly proud of his children and treasures family moments with his grandchildren.

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