What is the cost it to apply for permit?

The cost varies based on the type of permit your looking to apply for, view our current fee schedule (PDF).

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1. May I use a chimenea or other wood burning recreational device?
2. May I dispose of debris, yard clippings, or other combustible garbage by burning it?
3. Can I use sky lanterns?
4. What type of fire extinguishers and how many are recommended for the home?
5. How many smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should I have in my single-family home, and where should they be placed?
6. How do I dispose of old propane tanks for my barbecue?
7. Do we close for lunch?
8. How long are permits valid for?
9. Is a permit required to alter my commercial building?
10. What do I need to apply for my permit?
11. What is the cost it to apply for permit?
12. When is the last permit application accepted on a daily basis?