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Manorville Compost Facility

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  1. Purchase CURBY Can
  2. Recycle Car / Truck / Boat Batteries
  3. Recycle Grass Clippings
  4. Recycle Landscape Debris
  5. Recycle Motor Oil Filters
  6. Recycle Scrap Metal
  7. Recycle Waste Oil (page 15 Throwing It Out Guide)

Learn More About Manorville Compost Facility

  • View Throwing It Out Guide
  • CURBY cans can be purchased for $20 at the Manorville Compost Facility
  • Leaves, Acorns, Weeds, Hay Mulch, Thatch, Pine Cones/Needles and Non-woody Plants can be brought to the Manorville Compost Site for free (loose or paper bags only).
  • Scrap metal can be dropped off at the Brookhaven Landfill and Manorville Compost Facility at no charge.
  • Motor Oil Filters - Used motor oil filters can also be recycled at the Manorville Compost Site. Must be free of oil.
  • Car/Truck/Boat Batteries - Undamaged batteries can be brought to the Manorville Compost Site.
  • Under the Town’s “Don’t Bag It” policy, grass clippings are never collected. To dispose of bagged grass, please bring to the Manorville Compost Facility during their hours of operation for free.