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Animal Shelter

  1. Contact the Animal Shelter
  2. Volunteer Application for the Animal Shelter

    Submit an application to become a volunteer at the Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter

  1. Matchmaker Application

Economic Development

  1. Farmers Market Vendor Application Form
  1. Sign Up for the Job Readiness Program

    Have you struggled to find employment in today’s job market? Get your competitive edge at Brookhaven Town’s FREE Job Readiness Program... More…

Planning Department

  1. COVID-19 Social Distancing Accommodations

    Application to assist existing businesses and places of worship in the Town of Brookhaven who have been authorized to re-open, but do... More…

  1. Land Use Application

    Application is hereby made to the Town of Brookhaven for the application type requested. By application submittal, the applicant does... More…