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Animal Shelter

  1. Contact the Animal Shelter
  1. Volunteer Application for the Animal Shelter

    Submit an application to become a volunteer at the Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter

Assessor's Office

  1. Contact the Assessor's Office
  1. Question About Removing An Apartment

    Contact the Assessor's Office regarding the removal of an Accessory Apartment

Housing & Human Services

  1. Contact the Hispanic Advisory Board
  2. Contact the Senior Citizen's Division
  3. Contact the Youth Bureau
  4. Jitney Transportation Program Application (seniors over 60)

    The Jitney Transportation Program is a shared ride, curb to curb service provided within the Town of Brookhaven to our Senior Citizen... More…

  5. Residential Rehabilitation Application
  6. The ABC's of Bullying RSVP Form
  7. Veterans Resource Fair RSVP Form
  8. Youth Board Application Form

    Apply to become a member of the Town Youth Board

  1. Contact the Housing and Human Services Department
  2. Contact the Women's Services Division
  3. Dress for Success Client Referral

    Agencies can use our client referral form to refer their clients to Dress for Success Brookhaven.

  4. Rental Unit Availability Form
  5. SCPD Recruitment Seminar
  6. Vendor Application for Youth Abilities Day

    The 2019 Town of Brookhaven Youth Abilities Resource Fair will be held at the Middle Country Library, Centereach on Saturday, April 27... More…

  7. Youth Abilities Resource Fair RSVP Form
  8. Youth Volunteer Awards Nomination Form

Receiver of Taxes

  1. Change of Mailing Address Request

    Request a change of mailing address through the Town of Brookhaven Receiver of Taxes

  2. Survey - Online Tax Payments
  1. Contact the Receiver of Taxes Department