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District 2 Constituent Concern Form

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    Please use the form below if you would like to report a concern to Council District 2. Not sure if you live in District 2? Find out online now.

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  4. Is the abandoned home boarded and secured?
  5. Does this home have broken windows?
  6. Does the abandoned home have squatters?
  7. Do customers arrive at this business?
  8. Do employees arrive at this business?
  9. Does this business have outdoor storage?
  10. Is there currently a basin at the location?
  11. Is the graffiti re-occurring?
  12. Is the home owner occupied?
  13. Is the yard with the pool fenced in?
  14. Is the pool fenced in?
  15. Does the property that needs maintenance have tall grass?
  16. Does the property that needs maintenance have litter?
  17. Is the streetlight out?
  18. Is the streetlight always on?
  19. Is the tree dead?
  20. Does the tree have an orange X marked on it?
  21. Is the vehicle registered?
  22. Is the vehicle covered?
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