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Women's Recognition Form

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    Women's Recognition Awards Form
  2. Category
    1. Arts - Singer, Dancer, Actor, Performer, Artist, Composer, Musician, Author/Writer
    2. Business - Business Owner, Manager or Employee 
    3. Communications/Media - Radio, Television, Media, Newspaper/Publications, Editor, Writer/Reporter, Graphic Design, Technology 
    4. Community Service Professional - Professional or Paraprofessional (Paid Position) (i.e. Social Worker)
    5. Community Service Volunteer - A Volunteer in any Community Organization (Unpaid Position)
    6. Education - Primary, Secondary, and Post Graduate Levels- Teacher, Professor, Librarian or Administrator 
    7. Government - All Levels, Elected & Non-Elected 
    8. Health Care Providers - Nurse, Therapist, Social Worker 
    9. Law Enforcement/ First Responders - Police Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter, EMS/EMT Provider
    10. Legal Profession - Judiciary, Attorney or Paralegal
    11. Medicine - Physician, Dentist or Veterinarian 
    12. Military - Active/Retired Members of the U.S. Armed Forces
    13. Religion - Religious Professional and/or involvement in religious activity 
    14. Science - Scientist or any professional involved in scientific research
    15. Sports - Athlete, Athletic Director, Coach or Sports Trainer
  3. (Choose from categories above)

  4. Detailed evidence supporting this nomination must be enclosed, including:
    1. Resume or equivalent.
    2. Two letters of recommendation to be submitted by nominee's supervisors, colleagues or by those they serve (non-family members).
    3.  Demonstration of a positive impact in their community and going above and beyond in their role.

    A complete copy of this form must be submitted by Friday, January 27, 2023.

    For Further information, call Sharon Boyd at 631-451-6146 or email

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