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Tree Inspection Request Form

  1. Instructions
    The removal of trees in the Town Right of Way (ROW) falls under the jurisdiction of the Highway Department; homeowners may be asked to provide a survey. The Town does not remove healthy trees. To be considered for removal, a tree in the Town ROW must be dead or the roots must be causing damage (such as lifting a driveway or curb or going into a cesspool). Brookhaven Town requires that residents plant trees at least six feet back from the roadway out of the Town ROW, to avoid potential problems in which the roots may damage the concrete curb, sidewalk and / or road asphalt as the tree grows. In addition, please visit the Approved Species list for a comprehensive listing of approved trees which must be planted at least six feet back from the roadway.
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    If there is a sprinkler system on my property, I will not hold the Town of Brookhaven or the Town of Brookhaven Highway Department liable for any sprinkler damage. I understand that should the Highway Department remove the tree(s) and grind the stump(s) it is possible that there could be damage to my underground sprinkler system (if there is one) in the vicinity of the removal. I hereby agree to hold the Town of Brookhaven and the Town of Brookhaven Highway Department harmless for any damage that may occur during the tree removal and stump grinding processes. I further agree to accept responsibility for any damage that is done to the sprinkler system (if there is one) and will undertake repair to the system at my own expense.
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