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Youth Board Application Form

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    Youth Board Application Form
    Please use the interactive online form below if you would like to be considered to serve as a member of the Youth Board.
  2. Brookhaven Youth Board
    The Brookhaven Youth Board is comprised of volunteers from the Brookhaven community. Board members advise the Supervisor, Town Council and Brookhaven Youth Bureau about issues affecting youth. All board members are appointed by the Town Council. Every year in May, the Youth Board hosts the Youth Volunteer Awards. The awards recognize residents who volunteer their time to assist young people in the community, whether they are adults, service groups or younger people themselves. The Board meets on the third Thursday of the month, except for July and August, from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Meetings take place inside the Work Session Room on the third floor of Brookhaven Town Hall, located at 1 Independence Hill in Farmingville. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Town of Brookhaven Youth Board, please fill out the online form below and attach a resume and short cover letter. For further information regarding the Youth Board, please call 631-451-6547. Thank you for your interest in serving the Town of Brookhaven’s Youth!
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